UPDATE: Fairfield Library remains open amid threats of closure

Fairfield Library update

FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WBRC) - Fairfield’s library is still open, even with threats to close it because the city’s running out of funding.

The library will now open three days a week for a few hours.

The yellow sign announcing the libraries possible closure had been replaced with a new sign Monday, with new hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Fairfield Library remains open.
Fairfield Library remains open. (Source: wbrc)

A few weeks ago, Fairfield city council was unsure if they could continue to fund the library, which has been operating on $8,100 a month.

That amount was cut in half prompting the new alternate schedule, according to resident Gloria Matthews.

Fairfield Mayor Eddie Penny said city council is using money from the general fund to keep the doors open and looking for other funding to getting the library back full operational.

Neighbors we spoke to say the library is one of the safest, most productive places in town.

“I like to come to library to do my homework and play on the computer,” said student Jeremiah Speigner.

Matthews said the alternate schedule was not enough time for everyone to utilize the library.

“That Monday, Wednesday, and Friday thing is hard. It’s only four hours a day. That’s not enough,” said Matthews.

Matthews said she wanted city council to come up with the funding any way possible, even if it meant them turning over their checks.

“If everybody pitch in and do what they need to do, we’ll be able to keep our library open,” Matthews said.

Other neighbors we spoke to said the hours are short but they are a start.

The new hours will be in effect for the month of October. It’s unclear what will happen moving forward.

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