Uber driver says she was sexually assaulted by female passenger in Calif.

HAYWARD, Calf. (KOVR/CNN) - An Uber driver in California said she was groped, kissed and even had her eyes covered on the freeway.

Kevai Floyd never thought she'd become a victim of sexual abuse.

"A woman on a woman? No, didn't think it was going to happen," she said. "(I) never thought it."

Floyd trembled as she talked about the ride that changed everything.

"I now have to worry, and I'm second guessing everybody," she said.

She was heading back to Sacramento, doing some late-night rides in the bay area. She said drivers can make twice as much money there.

"I made $9.20 on this ride for 15 minutes and 19 seconds to have this woman assault me like that," Floyd said.

She picked up a younger woman, who she said was drunk.

"She turned around and reached and grabbed my face and pulled my face towards her, saying she was going to kiss me," Floyd said.

Within minutes, the woman started grabbing Floyd's body.

"The last thing I expected was a female to come over the seat and coming over the top of me and grabbing my breast like that," she said.

She called Uber and filed a report with California Highway Patrol, since the alleged assault happened on the freeway.

She doesn't have any proof, with no camera in her car, and she is afraid her case will be a stalemate.

"It's going to be her word against mine," she said.

Drivers have a panic button and can file a case with Uber and law enforcement, but other resources available to them can be limited.

Jamie Retmier with Scranton Law in Concord represents Uber drivers who have been assaulted.

"We've got drivers who are in scary and sometimes threatening situations, but they really don't know who to go to talk to, what their recourse is," Retmier said.

She said ride sharing apps will sometimes withhold necessary information to prosecute those accused of assault, like last names.

"My experience with Uber and Lyft has been they are withholding information we need in the cases I am handling," Retmier said.

Floyd said the emergency button is difficult to use while driving. So far, she's only received a letter from Uber acknowledging her complaint.

Leaders with Uber responded to this case, calling it deeply disturbing, and they are working with CHP on their investigation. They said they're working on launching a text and voice to 911 feature soon.

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