UA students will visit homeowners during severe weather for study

UA part of tornado research project

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A group of University of Alabama students will soon visit and spend time with some homeowners to better understand how they find out when severe weather is happening and how those families react to it.

Researchers with the Center for Advanced Public Safety, or Caps for short, are recruiting and training students for the study. Soon after that, they’ll look for families to participate in it too.

Those students will see how people get their information about severe weather warnings. Does it come from television, apps or texts to their phones or are people using weather radios?

And then once people become aware, what if anything are they doing to prepare for it? Researchers want to make sure people are preparing for severe weather ahead of time, not once it hits.

“Now we’re going to know what they’re doing exactly at the time, which is a real unknown. And so we’ll find out how they get their information, when they get it and what they do with it. That’s the biggest thing we want to know, what they do with it when they get it,” Dr. Laura Meyers, Director and Senior research scientist, Center for Advanced Public Safety, explained.

They’re using churches to find families willing to allow students into their homes for the study. It will start in January and should wrap up after May.

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