Attalla warehouse fire under control, cause appears related to forklift

Large warehouse on fire in Etowah Co.

ATTALLA, Ala. (WBRC) - The fire that destroyed an Attalla warehouse is now under control.

Fire Chief Robert Dillard says fire departments from some ten counties came to the scene to assist Attalla Fire in putting out the blaze at Gadsden Cartage, on Highway 77 near Highway 11.

Dillard says there are still a few hot spots that are being extinguished as they pop up.

The insurance company covering the loss began putting up fencing around the property just before lunchtime Tuesday.

Dillard says one problem in fighting the blaze came from a combination of materials being stored--it turns out it was more than just paper plates.

"We had various different things that were on fire, a lot of polyvinyl PVC, car parts belonging to Honda, wire for steel belts belonging to Goodyear, it was just a mixed load. So, it give us a fit," Dillard told WBRC.

Investigators with the State Fire Marshal’s office have already completed their work on the scene.

They haven’t released a cause of the fire pending forensics testing, but appear to be focusing on a forklift that was taken away for further testing.

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