Animal shelter helping malnourished animals found in Pell City home

Animals rescued from trailer in Pell City

PELL CITY, Ala. (WBRC) - Animal control officers found multiple pets dead inside of a home at the Shady Dale Mobile Home Park, but also found several that were still alive.

The next steps, officials say, is nursing the pets back to good health. The animals that survived, some of them authorities say, were three to four in a cage.

According to Paul Irwin, Pell City Chief of Police, the surviving animals were malnourished, infested with fleas and in very poor health.

“What they are doing now is treating the animals. Giving them immunizations. They are also testing them for any diseases, some of them could be communicable between the other animals to make sure that before they expose them to the public and put them up for adoption or send them out to a rescue,” said Chief Irwin.

Irwin says the shelter is already overwhelmed with hundreds pets up for adoption. Depending on the health of these surviving animals, they are offered for immediate adoption.

Chief Irwin says that concerned residents have been, at the very least, coming into Pell City Animal Control Center with food donations and offering medical supplies.

“We have had people drop off some food and some kitty litter and a few donations. We really appreciate those,” said Chief Irwin.

The Pell City Animal Control Shelter urges anyone who may have witnessed abuse to any animals to contact the authorities. The chief says the couple arrested in the case are facing multiple animal cruelty charges.

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