Active shooter drill held at Etowah High School in Attalla

School shooter drill in Attalla

ATTALLA, Ala. (WBRC) - A school shooter drill started off the school day in Attalla Tuesday.

Attalla police and fire and local medics were among those on hand, but this time so were faculty, staff and students of Etowah High School, a first in the city. Deputies with the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office, who had trained the officers, were also on hand.

It was for a scenario in which the school resource officer was at first, the only law enforcement presence on campus, and he quickly went after the shooter. Roads were closed around the school, and the media were kept at a distance.

"What we did, we've never done it with the kids in place. So today, we set up a scenario, I didn't even know what the scenario was, so we set up a scenario to train not only the police department, but the students, the teachers," said Police Chief Dennis Walker.

Those students and teachers were seen leaving the building as the drill ended, some even had their hands up or on their heads.

Attalla police had put out word of the drill so people wouldn’t be alarmed.

Attalla's school superintendent says it follows a lock down drill held last spring, but without students or staff.

“The city of Attalla, and Police Chief Dennis Walker wanted to partner, and train their guys as well, so we went through the summer planning for this, so we could provide as safe an environment as possible for our students,” said Superintendent Jeff Colegrove.

The entire drill was over in 21 minutes, and an hour later, police officers and firefighters were already being debriefed at a nearby community center.

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