Minor High Band needs newer instruments to sound pitch perfect

Band program makes plea for new instruments

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -Billy Hullett is a senior this year, but he wants to leave the Minor High Band better than how he found it. That means having newer band instruments that don’t need weekly repairs.

Music is easy to love, but mastering an instrument is something else entirely.

“It’s a great feeling, I can’t even explain it. you have to be in it, cause you put so in so much work and then the crowd reaction and see your reaction and the feeling that you really accomplished, you accomplish so much,” says Hullett.

And performing is a feeling like none other. However, some of these instruments are a little worse for wear.

“Yeah, about 40 to 60 years old, some. In some cases,” says Minor High Band Director Earnest Echols.

You heard right--40, some even 60 years old.

“Mr. Scott Thompson, he comes once a week to help to repair instruments, just to get them working and functioning,” says Echols.

Sometimes that means welding the instruments back together.

“We would like newer instruments. Just things that would help us sound better because that’s the biggest issue we have. A lot of things cannot be tuned right because slides won’t move or things just don’t work,” says Echols.

“You’re kind of held back inside the horn. Or you may use someone else’s horn during practice and then use a different horn. Then it’s clogged up and you can’t project the sound or really get the sound that you want,” says Hullett.

Because achieving that perfect pitch is what they strive for every day.

“You be with your band members all day, more than you probably see your family, so you have to make a family out of it,” says Hullett.

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