Oak Mountain Park bike lanes near complete

Updating Oak Mountain bike lanes

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -Phase two of a 6 foot bike lane project is nearing completion.

Phase 3, which will take the bike lanes all the way to Highway 119, should start sometime next year and will take longer to complete because it is much more complex.

It will include making the four way stop at the entrance of the park a roundabout. The bike lanes will also be walking lanes which is why they will be 10 feet instead of 6.

Multiple bikers ride in oak mountain state park daily. (Kelly Ezell/ Oak Mountain State Park )

“They are very excited about having a proper bike lane, but the wider bike lanes are going to make it much safer and much more fun for them to ride,” said Kelly Ezell of Oak Mountain State Park.

There is no set completion date right now but once all phase are complete there will be 10 miles of biking lanes to enjoy.

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