Hueytown PD warning students about homecoming pranks

Warning for Hueytown HS students, homeowners during Homecoming Week

HUEYTOWN, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s homecoming week at Hueytown High School and Hueytown Police Chief Mike Yarbrough is putting homeowners and students on notice. His message is have fun, but don’t get carried away rolling yards with toilet paper or retaliating.

When Mykal Evans, a Hueytown High School senior, got up to go to school, he found that the outside of his home had been rolled with toilet paper.

“They had to do it about twelve or one o’clock in the morning, cause I was asleep,” Evans said. “It was paper everywhere, all over the power lines. I didn’t know what happened,” Evans said.

The Hueytown Police Department warned teenagers on social media that they could face trouble if homeowners decide to press charges. The charges could be trespassing, littering and possible vandalism if property is damaged. There are also safety issues for students out rolling yards.

“If we are driving around and see a car driving through the neighborhood, no lights, that is a safety issue. If we see a car with 9 or 10 kids in it with five seat belts, that is a safety issue,” Chief Yarbrough said.

Yarbrough said people should leave it up to the police department to investigate and not take action into their own hands and fire any sort of weapon at these teenagers.

“In fact we had a back windshield of a car shot out last night. A group of kids had been rolling a house apparently and somebody shot the back window out with a pellet gun,” Yarbrough said.

Evans knew the student whose car was hit. He hopes everyone will just enjoy the week. "Just have fun. Roll the paper and have fun,” Evans said.

Another word of warning. A curfew remains in effect until Friday morning. Students have to be off the streets from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. The curfew will be in effect all of homecoming week in hopes of keeping kids out of trouble.

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