Firefighters grow more concerned as drought conditions in Shelby County worsen

Fire risk heightened in Shelby Co. due to dry weather conditions

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Concern is growing among firefighters in our area as drought conditions continue. The grass, trees are all dry and can easily catch fire with even the smallest spark.

Chief Tim Love with Alabaster Fire Department says it’s a commonsense thing. "It’s not wise to be burning right now.”

The Alabama Forestry Commission says that while there are no current burning restrictions issued, there is a fire hazard warning. And they agree with the advice of local firefighters- when it comes to burning, don’t risk it.

“You know think, I’m gonna burn a pile of leaves. It gets away from you a little bit and by the time you go to get the garden hose your small fire has now turned into several hundred feet of moving fire,” Chief Love explains.

Just in the last few days there have been several fires along the interstate and similar incidents could continue until we get rain.

“You can get a fire started especially on the interstate from failure of equipment. Just sparks and because of moving traffic, the constant wind, the dry conditions, it’s a tinderbox. It is ready to go up. So we really want people to pay attention closely."

The Forestry Commission says conditions are monitored daily in case a warning needs to be issued.

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