Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announces she has lung cancer

Governor Kay Ivey being treated for a malignant lung tumor. [Source: Office of the Governor]

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WBRC) - UPDATE: Governor Kay Ivey’s office issued a statement after her procedure Friday:

The governor’s outpatient procedure today at UAB went well and as planned. She is back in Montgomery and looks forward to returning to her regular schedule next week.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced Thursday afternoon she has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Ivey said during a recent routine exam, a tiny malignancy was found on her lung.

According to Ivey, the cancer is treatable and it was discovered early so her doctors say “treatment has a very high rate of success."

On Friday, the Governor will be at UAB Hospital for an outpatient procedure before beginning radiation treatments.

Ivey says none of these treatments will prevent her from continuing to serve as Governor.

You can read the governor’s statement in its entirety below:

Throughout my life, I am constantly reminded that I have so much for which to be thankful; God has been incredibly gracious to me.

One of the highest honors you have given me is serving as your governor.

Because I always shoot straight with you, I want to share a recent challenge that has been placed in front of me.

Within the past few weeks, during a routine exam, my longtime family physician discovered a spot on my lung that was unusual. Additional tests confirmed that this was, indeed, a tiny, isolated malignancy.

The good news is I am one of the fortunate ones where this was discovered early, and it is very treatable.

The better news is Alabama is home to some of the world’s leading physicians. My team of doctors have assured me this treatment has a very high rate of success and will have a minimal impact on my schedule.

Tomorrow morning, I will travel to UAB for an outpatient procedure, which will allow me to soon begin a series of specialized radiation treatments. None of this will prevent me from continuing to serve as your governor and doing the work you elected me to do.

Naturally, I welcome your prayers and your support. Just as so many others who have been affected by cancer, I am confident of God’s plan and purpose for my life and feel extremely fortunate this was caught so early.

May God continue to bless each of you and the great state of Alabama.

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