Tuscaloosa FOP President remembers fallen officer

Tuscaloosa FOP on officer Cousette's death

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - When the President of Tuscaloosa’s Fraternal Order of Police Chapter Sgt. Sebo Sanders rushed to the scene of the Monday night shooting that claimed the life of Tuscaloosa Officer Dornell Cousette, he was there not just as FOP president or a Tuscaloosa police officer, but as investigator Cousette’s close friend.

“I got really emotional...cause we had lost a brother. But what hit me the hardest was when I had to speak to his fiancé. She was devastated,” Sgt. Sebo Sanders said.

Sanders described consoling someone who has lost a loved in the line of duty, one the hardest parts of his job. “This is very hard on the law enforcement family. Dornell was a wonderful guy. Very passionate about his job, very passionate about his community,” Sanders continued.

Sanders wants people to honor the fallen Tuscaloosa officer’s memory by supporting investigator Cousette’s family and the members of law enforcement he leaves behind.

“Just walk up to an officer and say thank you, thank you for your job. Pray for officer Cousette and his family,” Sanders concluded.

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