More details & information released on new downtown B’ham stadium

Update on the design for new Protective Stadium

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Wednesday, the BJCC Board of Directors got a detailed look at Birmingham’s new multi-million dollar stadium.

In addition to seeing more design work, the board was also told the stadium could be expanded to 70,000 seats.

“In large part, it’s reconfiguring the existing space to add in these flexible zones for families and different types of fan experience, in some cases even reducing seating,” Tad Snider, Executive Director of the BJCC said.

Critics claimed the design would short change the home team by cutting into their seating with corporate boxes and the press box. Information released Wednesday though, shows about 13,000 seats for the home side and more than 10,000 on the visitors side.

Snider told the board, due to construction costs and the tariff war, the stadium could cost more to build than the original projection.

Snider said there has been informal discussions with supporters of the Magic City Classic to relocate to the stadium.

Meanwhile, UAB Athletic Director Mark Ingram said his fans are excited. “Everyone will sit in the stadium. We will allow them to hand pick their seats prior to the 2021 season,” Ingram said.

The board plans to bid out the project later this year. They are looking for construction to begin in January or February. Supporters hope it’s ready for UAB’s opening game in fall of 2021.

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