New commercial development could be coming to Gardendale

New development coming to Gardendale

GARDENDALE, Ala. (WBRC) - The city of Gardendale could soon be getting a new commercial development which city leaders hope it will bring new retail, restaurants, and a major economic boost.

The city has been buying up the land and demolishing houses on the property for the last few years.

The mayor says the intent all along was to sell the property to a developer, which the city is close to doing.

"I’ve visited with restaurants and retailers across the United States trying to steer them into an area of Gardendale, but they always wanted that interstate visible site. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have it,” said Mayor Stan Hogeland. “We’ve got it now and it’s ready to go.”

The land is located right off I-65 at the Fieldstown Road exit, and is directly across from Publix and Walmart on Odom Road.

The city council recently approved the first steps needed to develop the property.

“The initial stats is that it looks like it’s going to generate $20 million in revenue,” said Hogeland.

Gardendale would get about a 4% cut of that in sales tax.

“We could put the first bulldozer out there in late fall. So, this thing is on a fast track, all the pieces are not in the puzzle. I’m going to get real excited when I put the first shovel in the ground. But we’re a lot closer than we’ve ever been,” said Hogeland.

The mayor wouldn’t say what retailers and restaurants are looking at the development, but hoped to be making some big announcements in the near future.

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