Lawsuit filed against Birmingham Water Works Board alleges faulting billing

Lawsuit filed against BWWB

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A new lawsuit claims the Birmingham Water Works Board is improperly reading some homeowners meters and charging them too much money.

Mandy Powrzanas in one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. She lives in Warrior. She was getting water bills that varied from one month to the next.

“If you go back over the course of last year, I had estimated bills because they would all be around $58 or so. Then I would get up to a $100 or $150.” Powrzanas said.

Powrzanas said the water board did come out to try and straighten out the discrepancies, but she said they could not even find her water meter.

“I chose to go and look at my own meter and I have photos and you can’t even read my meter because the glass is so scratched and there is actually no way to read what the numbers are,” Powrzanas said.

Gardendale attorney Scott Morro filed the lawsuit and is one of the plaintiffs.

“We are basically seeking from them to do the billing right and I think ultimately it will be credits to ratepayers account.” Morro said.

A spokesman for the Birmingham Water Works Board says they would not comment on possible pending litigation.

Morro wants more people to join the lawsuit.

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