Is UAB Athletics getting a Komodo Dragon mascot?

Is UAB Athletics getting a Komodo Dragon mascot?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Could the UAB Blazers soon have a live mascot at their football games? Athletics director Mark Ingram had once hoped so until he spoke to The Birmingham Zoo.

“I thought that idea made really good sense because why not? We have this great zoo here in Birmingham, and I thought we could partner with the zoo, but then I met with someone from the zoo and they informed me that this is a vicious animal that could kill us so we decided not to do it,” Ingram said.

Ingram said he got the idea from his time at Temple University where the local zoo brought an owl to the games. “They brought a live owl to all our games and our fans loved it. They loved taking pictures with, her name was Stella. She came to everything and you could take your picture with Stella the owl and it was a lot of fun. So I thought, hey we’re the Blazers, a Blazer is a dragon, what about a Komodo dragon? But it’s not going to happen,” Ingram added.

Since Komodo dragons are poisonous, UAB is going with plan B by having a Komodo dragon statue. Officials are currently in talks with The Birmingham Zoo to transport a Komodo dragon statue from the zoo to Legion Field for Saturday’s game against South Alabama.

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