Calhoun County has first female chief deputy

1st female chief deputy in Calhoun County

CALHOUN COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Calhoun County’s new chief deputy has gotten more than a promotion - she’s broken a glass ceiling.

Lynde Meeder has been with the Sheriff’s office for 24 years and is now the first female chief deputy the department has ever had.

It’s not even her first milestone: She was also the Sheriff’s office’s first female SWAT commander and its first captain on the law enforcement side.

She says she has never considered gender to be a limit as far as what she does. “I have been, so far, the only female supervisor at our agency, on the law enforcement division, we do have female supervisors in the corrections division. So, it is an honor,” says Meeder. “I hope to live up to all the expectations, and I’m truly appreciative of Sheriff Matthew Wade."

Meeder began her career as a warrant clerk in 1996, about the same time future Sheriff Matthew Wade was hired.

Sheriff Wade said he considered her so qualified for the job he didn’t even post it before appointing her. Wade says he isn’t aware of any other female chief deputies currently serving in that capacity in Alabama, but he doesn’t doubt there have been any before and knows there have been female Sheriffs as well.

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