Humane Society warns of scheme

Humane Society warns of scheme
Folks at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society say they will never knock on doors to solicit donations. (Source: {WBRC})

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Birmingham’s Humane Society wants to warn you about a potential scheme.

They say people are asking for donations, but none of it is going to the shelters. Folks at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society have been alerted to this though the internet. They say people are knocking on doors and acting as though they are fundraising for the local humane societies.

They could be knocking on doors, or soliciting at stop lights with buckets. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society has reported this to local police. So far, they only know of this happening in Chattanooga, but fear it could travel farther south.

“No one from the GBHS is going to come to your door, is going to approach you in your car, at your place of work, or put a flier on your car in the parking lot when you come out from the mall or anything like that. That is not our style,” says Kristie Nix Moorer with GBHS.

Sometimes organizations like the Girls Scouts will collect for the humane society, but you can always opt to donate directly. You can do that by visiting

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