Could an injection help end opioid crisis?

Could an injection help end opioid crisis?
Possible solution to opioid crisis?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Doctors are hailing one drug as a possible solution to the opioid crisis. It’s called Exparel and its potential has been proven several times over.

Dr. Kennie Bramlett and others from Brookwood Baptist researched the medication about five years ago.

Exparel is a medication injected into the body during surgery. It numbs the pain receptors of the body for 72 hours, longer than any other painkiller. Now doctors see it as a way to side-step giving patients addictive opioids right after surgery. When asked why more doctors don’t already use it, Dr. Bramlett explained that, oftentimes, doctors get into a habit that isn’t questioned.

“It takes a while to kind of integrate in before people realize its effectiveness or variation of application. And now with the opioid crisis being what it is, the lawsuits and the second-hand casualties of opioid use existing, things have to change. Because it is a crisis.”

Talk to your doctor first before surgery to see if this medication is right for you and if your insurance will cover it.

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