Man complains about speeders on Rugby Ave in South Eastlake, wants lanes narrowed

Concerns over speeders in east Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Standing on the corner of Rugby Ave and 78th St. S in South East Lake, Justin Mundie a property owner and investor complained that speeders bringing the neighborhood down.

“There’s been two accidents since I moved here 18 months ago. One where a car hit Ruffner Relics and another where a house was hit down the way,” said Mundie.

Also concerned about the children walking home from school, Mundie said it’s another accident waiting to happen.

The Nashville transplant said he’s seen the narrowing of streets and the addition of parking or bike lanes be effective at slowing drivers down.

"Looking at Rugby, it’s approximately 42 feet wide and even the Alabama standard for lanes is 12 feet, so you could feasibly have your two lanes, plus large shoulders which would help slow down traffic,” said Mundie.

The city seems to be heading in that direction as well with council passing a “Complete Streets” ordinance in March 2018 which calls for more pedestrian, wheelchair, and cyclist friendly roadways.

Chair of the Birmingham Transportation Committee Darrell O’Quinn said the city is adding bike lanes as the city moves forward with it’s street re-striping and repaving initiative.

“I’m a big fan of doing things in urban areas that are going to increase walkability, pedestrian friendliness, biking and multi-modal transportation. I think it’s a net positive for everyone in the community.”

Rugby Avenue is not on the current list to be repaved or striped.

To have your street considered, call Sidewalks & Paving Department of Planning, Engineering & Permitting 205-254-2211.

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