Program helps meets the needs of local school children

Shelby County Neighborhood bridge program

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A new program to help provide basic needs for school children is spreading quickly in Shelby county.

It started in Hoover schools, then Alabaster and now Shelby county is hopping on board.

There are many people that want to help kids in the community and there are so many little things that children need. Usually only their school teachers are aware of those needs. The whole purpose of Neighborhood Bridges is to bridge the gap.

If a teacher notices a child is in need, whether it’s for a coat or a new pair shoes, they post it on the Neighborhood Bridges website for people in the community to take action.

Dr Lewis Brooks is the superintendent for Shelby County Schools and he says people can simply drop items off at a local fire station.

“The fire station delivers it to the school and the child has an item that they need. It’s another way for us to demonstrate a sense of outreach and service and what better way than providing the needs of kids or providing things that kids may not have,” he says.

Right now the program is up and active in Helena. Shelby County schools looks to expand the program to other schools.

To find out items that are needed in the Helena area click here.

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