Highway 280 traffic problems; Any hope for relief?

The future of highway 280

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Drivers on 280 handled the closure of two lanes well Friday. The lanes were closed eastbound from I-459 to the Cahaba River Bridge while ALDOT tested for future patch work.

The job took about two hours, not the five originally expected, but drivers remain frustrated with the constant traffic jams and are hoping solutions will be offered in the future.

ALDOT has adjusted turn lanes and traffic lights to keep traffic moving as best it can with almost a 100,000 vehicles going up and down 280 each day. But, drivers said its still too crowded and they are coping with the continued delays getting to work or home each day.

ALDOT Regional Engineer DeJarvis Leonard said they are at ways to improve 280-traffic but ALDOT is limited in what it can do.

“The terrain around 280 makes it difficult to create alternative routes.We are always looking for opportunities to make further improvements to facilitate traffic volume to travel at a faster rate.” Leonard said.

Leonard contended traffic has improved from six years ago, with the new turn lanes and signal adjustments.

As for the work today, he said they knew they could get in and out quickly that is why they didn’t do the work overnight.

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