Defense of the Vaping Industry

Vape industry fighting back possible ban

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The vaping industry is fighting efforts to ban e-cigarette flavors. President Donald Trump wants flavors banned because he says they lure underage teenagers to try e-cigarettes.

The Breath Easier Alliance was created when the FDA began regulating the vaping industry. The group said it isn’t opposed to regulation or cracking down on those who offer dangerous products. But it wants regulations to be fair and not put them out of business.

Bama Vapor has been in Birmingham for about seven years. They say they do all they can to discourage underage teenagers from trying to buy their product. The business offers about 200 different flavors for e-cigarettes. They say the push to ban these flavors will badly hurt their business.

Breath Easier Alliance of Alabama will be in Washington D.C. next week, meeting with lawmakers about the issue. President Stacey Hamilton of Florence said the group welcomes fair regulations and Alabama’s new law, setting an age limit and stopping advertising aimed at underage consumes.

“This also offers an opportunity for the vape shop owners to demonstrate they are not the bad guys in this. We are diligently trying to keep this product out of the hands of children. It’s our livelihood, of course we don’t want them to have it.” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said she would not say e-cigarettes are totally safe but she believes its 95% safer than cigarettes. The vaping group plans a rally on the behalf of their industry on September 25 in Birmingham.

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