“This is my dream..” child with cystic fibrosis gets wish granted

Wish granted for boy with cystic fibrosis

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - One 9-year-old just had a day he will never forget, thanks to the Kids Wish Network.

Jeremy McCain has a life-threatening illnesses call cystic fibrosis, but Thursday none of that mattered because he one of his dreams came true.

He got to help conduct a train with a conductor from the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera.

Jeremy’s Mother says keeping up with CF is a 24-7 job. “it is a constant routine of enzymes, chest therapy, inhalers”

But the hardships of having CF where in the rear view mirror on Thursday, because Jeremy was in control.

“He’s just always been fascinated with the trains,” his mother explains.

And to say he is well versed on the subject is an understatement.

" I have seen lots lots of videos of the horn configuration," Jeremy said to the conductor, “oh yeah in case the wheel slips.”

“I think this is something he will remember forever. He thought he was seriously driving that train all day today, but to see that adorable little smile so I know he was just soaking in every minute of it,” Jeremy’s mother said.

And he had a whole fan club there to cheer him on.

“This is my dream to ride on this train,” Jeremy said with a huge smile on his face.

“To hear him say it was the best day ever, it just makes my heart want to explode, because I want him to feel that every day and to get to enjoy that and remember it and look back on this day it’s just phenomenal.”

To learn more about CF and ways to help click here.

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