A red balloon to symbolize potential in Redmont

Redmont development

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - No, it had nothing to do with a popular scary movie. A developer from New York wants to buy two properties in the Redmont neighborhood to make way for a mixed-use development. That development could reach as tall as ten stories high--and that’s what the red balloon symbolized Tuesday.

Two large buildings could soon change the landscape of the Redmont Neighborhood. A developer is looking to buy the Sycamore Manor apartment complex just off Highway 31, and the Bayer Properties building that sits behind it. The developer wants to build a 10-story hotel and a 10-story condo building on commercial space next door.

“The main concern I’m hearing now is the size of the project, the height, and traffic,” says Jay Reed.

Jay Reed is president of the Neighborhood Association. They were given a presentation by the developer and are factoring in qualifications that would go with the project, so if it is approved, some concerns from the neighborhood would be met.

“What the developer is going to try to do is come back with exactly what it is they can develop, make it work and also meet the neighborhood’s concerns.”

Gigi Talley works in the occupational testing office across the street from the Bayer Properties building.

“I can’t really imagine how tall it’s going to be, I saw the balloon the other day. It’s not really blocking a lot because there wasn’t a lot from this view to look at to begin with, but it just seems like it’s going to be huge,” says Talley.

She’s also worried the construction of the $80 million project will affect parking for her office, but hopes it will do some good in the end.

"I hope it just brings in a lot of good business or something for this area, it’s a good area,” says Talley.

The developer will come back to the neighborhood association September 17 with updated drawings. Also at that time a subcommittee will present them with their qualifications.

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