ABC Board prepared to enforce vaping law

Enforcing vaping laws in Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Alabama Beverage Control Board is preparing to enforce the state’s new restrictions on e-cigarettes.

In the last session, the Alabama legislature passed a law setting 19 as the age limit to purchase vaping products. It also bans advertising aimed at teenagers. The law went into effect August 1st.

“We will be able to go in and expect the premises. We will be able to inspect all the products they offer and we can work with law enforcement.” Dean Argo with ABC Board said.

Argo said this will allow them to send in minors to make sure retailers are abiding by the law.

Still Argo said the law is too general. He said ABC, Public Health and law enforcement need to work together to hammer out the problems.

“We would like to see the law moved to 21 and not 19 like for alcohol so everyone is on the same playing field,” Argo said.

The ABC Board has 26 inspectors to checkout retailers in the state of Alabama.

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