8-Year-Old Wakeboarder to compete for World Title

A national champion on the water in Cullman

CULLMAN, Ala. (WBRC) - Wakeboarding can be a hard sport to learn, but for Kane Ward, it’s one that has naturally come easy.

“I love wakeboarding because we’re just out on the water having fun on a board," said Kane.

At just eight-years-old, Kane’s skill set has taken him to the big stage. He won his first World Wake Association National Championship in July.

“At two years old, Kane started riding on a board with me and when he got older he started riding by himself and throughout the years he’s just been progressing like crazy," said Kane’s dad Justin Ward.

From front flips to back flips, spins and grabs, it only takes Kane a couple of weeks to learn a new trick on the water.

“When I first learn it, it’s really hard to me, but when I get used to it, it’s like I can have fun with it,” said Kane.

Kane is one of the youngest wakeboarders in the world to perform some of these tricks and started learning them at 3-years- old.

“I would say around five or six years old, he started doing things he shouldn’t have been doing. We questioned ourselves as parents letting him do those things, but he showed promise,” Kane’s dad Justin, added.

And now the Cullman native will compete for a world title next month, a dream come true for this young athlete.

“It would mean a lot because we’ve worked really hard for it,” said Kane.

Kane will compete at the World Wake Association World Championships in Mexico October 17-20th and he hopes this experience will help promote the sport in Alabama.

“Everyone is like wakeboarding is hard and they really don’t know what it is, so I want to try and convince them that you can do it, and they can get up and ride and enjoy what I get to enjoy and that’s being out on the water,” Kane said.

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