Snake season is not over

Snake season is not over yet

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Unfortunately, it’s still the season for slithering reptiles.

"Yesterday I had four calls from people with snakes in their house,” said Buddy Hawkins, with Cahaba Snake Trap.

Hawkins adds he’s shipped more traps this year than ever before.

"California, New York, that one is Texas,” he said pointing to boxes shipping out to different destinations.

Why he’s done more business this year, Hawkins can’t say for sure.

However, right now, he does think there are more snakes moving around.

“Lot of them are just feeding. You have a lot of snakes that are just looking for place to winter up. So you know it’s a combination of things,” said Hawkins.

Another wildlife expert told WBRC it’s also possible some snakes are moving around simply to find water, because it has been so hot.

“They need food shelter and water. And here in Birmingham we’ve got food shelter and water. Most homes have backyards, have things that they need to survive,” said Hawkins.

While more snakes are moving around, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see one out in the wild. According to the US Forest Service, snakes can only survive in the extreme temperatures 10 to 20 minutes.

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