Tuscaloosa group to talk to parents about trends when it comes to drugs and dangers to teens

'Drug U' parent sessions

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - A Tuscaloosa group that tries to get kids to stay away from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes now wants to work with parents.

That group is called Pride and it's been in Tuscaloosa for years.

Starting Wednesday night, and for the first time, Pride is holding a series of meetings with parents to better inform them on what drugs or addictive substances kids could be using.

For five meetings parents will meet once a week with Pride staff or people they invite as speakers.

They’ll talk to parents on a series of topics including vaping, opioids, marijuana, alcohol and prescription drugs and how to see the signs if their child or children are using them.

Pride Prevention Director Nicole Shine said, "Our drug U sessions are really targeted towards parents. It is a no children allowed session because we really want to get the parents to understand the new trends going on."

The first session of Drug U starts Wednesday at 5:30 at the Downtown Tuscaloosa branch of Bryant Bank on University Boulevard.

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