Man faces multiple charges in Calhoun Co. officer-involved shooting that included deputy run over

Officer-involved shooting investigation in Calhoun County

CALHOUN COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - There was a bizarre officer-involved shooting in Calhoun County Monday, seconds after one of the officers was run over by a car.

The man who was shot, and the deputy who was run over, are both expected to survive, an incident that took less than ten seconds altogether.

Fred Barksdale was being sought for outstanding warrants, including obstruction of justice, receiving stolen property and a protection from abuse order. Ohatchee Police had a menacing warrant as well.

The search led two deputies and an Ohatchee police officer to his home at 4:30 in the morning, on Mudd Street in Ohatchee. People had texted the officers pictures of Barksdale holding AR and SKS grade weapons, so they presumed he was dangerous.

The officers had been told by Barksdale’s mother she didn’t know his whereabouts, and as they left the residence, they saw a dog walk out of the woods. The officers said, “Where’s he at, boy?” to the dog, and the dog led them 300 yards into the woods, where they say Barksdale and the woman who sought the protection order were sitting in the vehicle.

Despite the officers’ orders not to start the vehicle, they say he did so and ran over one deputy.

Both deputies and the officer shot and injured Barksdale, as his vehicle struck a tree and stopped. The woman was not injured by bullets or even flying glass.

Wade says all three body cameras caught the incident on video.

“The deputy gets run over, and if you’ve ever seen that type of video, where something happens and all of the sudden, the video goes blank, he gets hit, and the car, you can see the car hit him, the camera goes dead, it probably just gets ripped off him,” says Wade.

Wade says the impact also ripped off the deputy’s watch.

The deputy is recovering in an Anniston hospital and Barksdale was airlifted to a hospital in Birmingham. Both are expected to survive.

Ohatchee Police Chief Jason Oden says he has viewed all of the video and stands by the actions of his officer, based on what he saw on the video.

The incident is being invested by three agencies. The Jacksonville State University Center for Applied Forensics Science is handling the evidence, the Ohatchee Police Department is handling the criminal case, and the Oxford Police Department is investigating the officer involved shooting.

Barksdale has been charged with the warrants and is expected to face even more charges. Wade says attempted murder and first degree assault are possible, depending on the wishes of Calhoun County District Attorney Brian McVeigh.

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