Kids learn coding at McWane Science Center

Kids learn coding at McWane Science Center
Children can learn coding as early as age seven at the Kids Code Class held by Tech Birmingham every second Sunday in the month. (Source: {WBRC})

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Kids come, laptops in hand to the Kids Code Club, hosted by Tech Birmingham, every second Sunday of the school year at the McWane Science Center.

Zuri Crawford’s nine-year-old daughter loves anything to do with electronics.

“I think it’s a good starting point, especially, you know, if the kids are showing interest in coding and anything electronic, and it’s free so it’s all the better!” says Crawford.

And they are definitely showing interest.

“I just like interacting with all the blogs and putting my imagination into a screen and making things,” says 10-year-old Aaryan fazal.

“I like being on scratch because it’s my favorite coding program,” says 10-year-old Colin Smith.

Third through fifth graders are making apps and learning how to move a robot christened donut man.

“We’re trying to make him move forwards and backwards!” says Annahlilly Conklin.

Middle schoolers are learning about app creation in a separate class.

“It’s really fun, you get to discover new things and just, like, have fun,” says Ashna Bardai.

High school students learn Python, a high-level programming language.

“What they’re learning are skills for jobs that don’t exist yet. Everything will be automated probably within the next 10-15 years. And so, everybody, to stay competitive, will have to know some form of coding or programming,” says Christina Smith with Tech Birmingham.

Young minds, learning a whole new language and leading us into the automated world.

“Kids are very creative and it’s fun to see what they can do with technology, you know, when it mixes with that creativity,” says Smith.

You can learn more by going to Tech Birmingham’s Facebook page. Classes at the McWane Center are free, but some workshops held throughout the year will have a supply cost.

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