Jefferson Co. High Schools to increase security measures at games

JeffCo school leaders discuss football game safety

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Jefferson County school leaders met Monday to talk about making Friday night football games safer.

Gunshots outside of Center Point High School’s football stadium Friday night made for some scary moments.

The Jefferson County School System wants to be sure they are taking all the steps necessary to keep fans and students safe at these games. They are satisfied for the most part, but also realize they may need to take additional security measures.

It was quiet at Center Point High School today. WBRC Fox6 News spoke with Principal Van Phillips. He remains upset that someone in the nearby neighborhood would fire off a gun during a football game.

During the Monday meeting, Superintendent Craig Pouncey said all procedures were followed. WBRC Fox6 News was told more than 16 SRO’s were inside the stadium at the time of the shooting.

They secured the stadium. Some SRO’s ran toward the community where the shots were fired.

Pouncey said the security plan for the stadium worked but officials may ask for additional sheriff patrols in communities near some school stadiums.

“When it’s just random shots from out in the community it means we need to broaden our area of enforcement. So that is what we are looking at doing on a school by school basis,” Pouncey said.

“We are not going to let one person spoil a good evening for everybody. If a person thinks they can do this and not get caught, we got about a thousand inmates in our jail who thought they would not get caught,” Deputy Chief David Agee said.

The sheriff’s office is encouraging anyone with information about that shooter to contact them.

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