GRAPHIC: N.H. high school football players suspended after duck beaten with broomstick

CONWAY, N.H. (WMUR/CNN) - Several high football players in New Hampshire are suspended from games, among other punishments, after video surfaced of a duck being beaten at football camp.

Officials say coaches at Kennett High School in Conway, N.H., weren’t notified about the incident that took place about two weeks ago until days later.

Video shows wild ducks being lured from the water with several football players standing around. At one point, one of the students hits a duck with a broomstick.

"The heinous activity of a duck being hit over the head with a broomstick is what ended up happening, and essentially, one of the other students euthanized the duck. It was maimed pretty badly,” Superintendent Kevin Richard said.

Once coaches were informed, police and New Hampshire Fish and Game officials were brought in to investigate.

"These students are juveniles, so they certainly can’t be charged with anything. Their parents would be charged, if we charged them, and the fine amounts would be minuscule. So, suspensions and community service, everyone agreed was the effective punishment,” said Maj. David Walsh with Fish and Game.

Richard says some students ended up with game suspensions, community service and more. Each student involved has a different punishment level based on their involvement in the incident.

"Some mental health pieces, social-emotional pieces and educational components related to it,” Richard said.

The school has since received many calls from people who are outraged by what happened.

"You do have very strong opinions both ways, and you try to come back to what you think is reasonable and also recognizing that these are adolescents that make bad choices. This was a grievous mistake,” Richard said.

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