Drought impact on Shelby County farmers

Shelby Co. farmers concerned about severe drought

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Heat and lack of rain has Shelby County under a severe drought designation and it’s a problem for farmers in the county. Drought means less crop production and less money for what crops survive this year.

From Pelham to Alabaster, Columbiana and Vincent the none of the area has seen much rain and has been hit by extreme heat. Even farms with irrigation systems are not able to get the crops up to where they need to be.

John DeLoach was the farmer of the year in Shelby County in 2018. He says the weather has hurt but you throw on top of that the trade wars of the Trump Administration and the tariffs being put on the crops that do survive.

“Cotton is down to, this morning it was down to 58 cents a pound. We need about 80 to break even. Cotton crops should be a thousand pounds, some are going to 300 pounds.” DeLoach said.

DeLoach and famers are hoping for better weather next year and some sort of trade deal. With this year is pretty much over, if doesn’t improve next year, it’s going to be even more bad times for farmers.

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