The rules of the road when it comes to children, car seats, and buckling up

Importance of children being in car seats

SHELBY CO., Ala. (WBRC) - With the new seat belt law going into effect in Alabama, the Shelby County Sheriffs Office is reminding you of other laws involving passengers in your car, and many of these involve your children.

Deputies want adults to know if children are 13 years old and under they can't ride in the front seat.

There are also different weight requirements for children when comes to which car seat they should be using.

Deputies said parents often make the mistake of not properly installing the car seat or not safely securing a child in the car seat.

Deputy Debbie Sumrall said, "It is so important that they are properly restrained. The chest clip it is up at the chest and it is not too loose. I think parents feel bad about tightening down the strap but it is so important in a roll over situation that they are secure in that car seat."

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