New UA radio station offers traffic and parking information for football fans

New way to inform Bama fans

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The University of Alabama started a radio program in April, aimed at better informing fans of things that could impact their drive or finding parking on campus.

Listeners can tune in to UA Info Radio in their car or phone at 92.5 FM. The radio program’s newest effort is to better inform football fans coming to Tuscaloosa for home games.

“This coming football season, we’re going to be providing pre and post-game live traffic information, as well as parking information telling fans about all the events they can take part in before the game starts," school spokesman Shane Dorrill explained.

The radio station is in a space inside the Rose Administration building. The University acquired a low power FM, non-commercial radio station for public safety after the April 27th tornado.

“We said, how do we communicate with folks driving into town on game day. And then of course the 2011 tornado happened. A lot of folks were without electricity, without TV. The only way they could get information during those first few days after the tornado was through radio,” Dorrill said.

The school also wanted to let people driving into Tuscaloosa know what was going on without having to look down at their phone or accessing an app.

“We are going to have someone live there who’s going to give these programs and post-game traffic updates. But a lot of that content is recorded in advance,” Dorrill concluded.

Those live traffic and parking broadcasts start three hours before kickoff.

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