Residents concerned over trash off Pinson Valley Parkway

Trash and litter issues in JeffCo

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Some neighbors who live off of Pinson Valley Parkway are sick and tired of people dumping trash near their homes. It’s been a continuous problem for years.

“It’s filthy. It’s unnecessary. You got dead animals wrapped up in tarps.” Kevin Steel said.

Kevin Steel’s grandmother lives off of Sun Valley Road. Across the street you can see trash littering both sides of the roadway. Steel says Jefferson County litter crews have been out in the area in the past. “It’s been going on over 10 years. Every time they clean it up it gets right back to the way it was."

Jefferson County Commission President Jimmie Stephens said people need to contact the county about the exact locations of the trash. If it’s a consistent problem they could post sign warning of a $500 dollar fine for illegally dumping trash. Stephens says it will come down to educating people that littering is bad for the community.

Steel is hoping the county commision will put up surveillance cameras to catch the trash dumpers.

“Put one or two cameras up. It’s got the night vision. It starts recording when the motion sensor goes off. Whoever comes down that road whatever they are doing they will record it.” Steel said.

Stephens said the county will try to do their part but they will continue to need people in these communities to organize and have regular trash pick-up days to help out, because the problem continues to grown.

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