Summertime crime numbers down in Birmingham

Violent crime numbers going down

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Crime normally goes up in Birmingham and across the country during summertime.

However, that was not true in the Magic City, at least not according to the latest year to date numbers from the police department.

“It’s always disappointing when you have certain levels of violent crime in your city. There is a perception out that it has gotten greater with the past summer which is not true,” said Hunter Williams, Birmingham City Council and Chairman of the Public Safety Committee.

According to numbers from the Birmingham Police Department:

Homicides are down 4.3%

Rape up 9.1% due to new reporting requirements

Aggravated Assaults are down 11.9%

Shots Fired are down 14.5%

Total Violence down 10.5%

Williams said Police Chief Patrick Smith’s full plan for combating violent crime has not been implemented yet.

“We need to continue what we are doing right now. We are trying to beef up our police department to be full capacity, to be fully staffed,” Williams said.

The plan also calls for increasing their equipment technology which will include a real time crime center to provide all officers on the scene of a crime the very latest information. Still Williams again said the public’s trust and help will be needed to dramatic impact crime numbers.

“We need the public’s help. We are still struggle with the no snitch policy where we have the public knowing about a crime and being too scared or not willing to report it to the police,” Williams said.

Williams said despite the slight decrease in numbers, the leadership at Birmingham city Hall want to see those number drop even more, and he believes they will in the future.

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