Calming kits help with learning and emotions at Helena Elementary School

Sensory bucket used to calm children down at Helena Elementary School

HELENA, Ala. (WBRC) -Shelby County schools are working hard to help students deal with emotional needs as well as their educational needs.

Helena Elementary School now has calm down kits teachers can use in classrooms when students get overwhelmed or upset.

The kits are equipped with all sorts of gadgets students can use at their desks to help them with anxiety or getting back on task.

Jeff Norris is the principal at Helena Elementary and he said these kits also help students learn how to deal with different emotions.

“We have lots of strategies that we use in the classroom, but also this is just another tool that they can put in the tool box for them to be able to take a whole class or individually for students who may be in crisis. But even for a typical student this is a great avenue for getting out some of that pent-up energy and getting back to work,” Norris said.

This is the first year for the calm down kits and all teachers have them.

School leaders plan to add more items like breathing exercise cards and glitter jars over the school year.

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