Weaver mayor proposes community bicycle garage at city park

Weaver mayor considering bike garage

WEAVER, Ala. (WBRC) - An East Alabama mayor has an idea to bring more bicyclists to the city’s main park.

Weaver's Elwell Park is located behind city hall and also next to the Chief Ladiga Bicycle Trail.

Mayor Wayne Willis is floating the idea of a bicycle garage, which would be located behind the police department.

“I’m thinking about putting a bike rack and carport behind city hall where people could lock their bike and leave it at the trail to ride whenever they choose. No transportation needed,” Willis said in a Facebook post. “It would be safe because they would be at the PD and under video surveillance.”

Willis asked if people would use it before he spends money on the idea.

The police department and city hall are adjacent to the park.

Willis says he hears from a lot of people who have no way to get their bicycles to or from the park or the bicycle trail.

For example, not everyone has an SUV or mini-van, many people still have passenger cars, and don't have a bike rack.

“I think that would be a good idea. I mean, because personally, I own a car and you can’t quite get a bicycle in a car to go back and forth, it’s hard,” said Mike Williams, a park user who drove a sedan to the park.

Felecia Hulsey, who brought her child to the park Thursday, said, “I think that’s a really good idea, it would be great for a lot of people, that don’t have a place to put it. It would be a good opportunity for people.”

There are currently two small bicycle racks out in the park, but they’re out in the open.

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