Pell City officer buys Xbox for boy after home burglary

Published: Aug. 29, 2019 at 8:37 PM CDT
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PELL CITY, Ala. (WBRC) - A Pell City police officer gave one young boy the ultimate surprise.

Officer Maggie Milazzo first met the boy in tears after someone broke into his home and stole his Xbox.

But those tears didn’t last long.

For Officer Milazzo, being in law enforcement is more than just a job. “I come from a family of police officers,” she said. “My parents and my grandfather were all police officers. I grew up not wanting to do anything else.”

So when she met one young boy last week after his home was burglarized, it stuck with her.

“He met me in the front yard, had tears running down his face as soon as I got to the walkway there. He was just devastated,” said Officer Milazzo.

That’s because someone stole his beloved Xbox.

“I have a daughter around his age and she can’t go a night without it honestly. He was really worried about not getting to play Fortnite that night. I didn’t want that to be the case for him,” said Milazzo.

So Officer Milazzo decided she’d buy him a new Xbox and give him a surprise he’d never forget.

“Think you can hold on to this for a while? Just until we can find your other one?” Officer Milazzo said as she surprised the young boy at baseball practice.

He responded with a smile and a ‘thank you.’

“He smiled, gave me a hug, it made me feel good,” she said. “His mother was really appreciative. He was just a really sweet, polite, deserving kid.”

Officer Milazzo said this act of kindness isn’t unique to her or to her police department.

She says law enforcement are doing this every day and she hopes this inspires others to spread kindness.

“It’s the best job in the world,” she said. “I couldn’t do anything else.”

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