Alabama Power and volunteers ready for the call to help with Hurricane Dorian

Alabama Power members and volunteers getting ready to help with Hurricane Dorian

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama Power crews and Red Cross volunteers are ready and waiting to help with Hurricane Dorian.

Alabama Power fits has 2,700 team members who are linemen and support personnel. They are watching Dorian along with other Southeastern Utility companies.

If crews from Alabama Power are needed, a portion of the those men and women will go to help as part of our role in the Southeast Electric Exchange.

Also the American Red Cross is getting ready by stocking their Disaster Relief Trucks with needed supplies.

Annette Rowland with the Red Cross said, “Right now we are preparing what we call our call down list which we are verifying with our volunteers that we have in Alabama. Whose available and how long they are available to pack and how soon they can go.”

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