Church of the Highlands could build new campus in Birmingham

Church of the Highlands eyeing Woodlawn

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -The Church of the Highlands is looking to expand again. This time on Birmingham's east side.

The church is looking to build in the heart of the Woodlawn community at the old Gibson elementary school. Tuesday, during a work session, the Birmingham Board of Education heard the plan.

Highlands wants to buy the property just off 48th street north, where an old school sits on 4 acres, for a little over $630,000. The board’s real estate broker says the church also wants to buy three nearby properties which in total will be almost seven acres for a new campus.

For the past few years, the church has been leasing space at Woodlawn High School. Highlands also has a dream center near the high school. We're told the church mentioned the possibility of a new campus last year.

"Which really falls into what their commitment was last year, when they came to the table and said over the next year that will be looking to secure a permanent site in the Woodlawn area and they are honoring their commitment to the school district,” Marlon King with Bloc Global told BOE members.

We’re still waiting to hear back from Church of the Highlands. The board didn’t take any action on the church’s proposal. We’re told that could take place in the coming weeks.

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