Self-storage company fights Birmingham over building permit

City stops storage building construction

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A new fight tonight from a self storage company trying to build a new facility near Vulcan Park.

The company, Morningstar Storage based out of North Carolina, said they’ve already spent millions on the project.

Last month the Birmingham City Council approved a six-month moratorium on building new self-storage facilities within city limits.

However, Morningstar Storage had already begun building a new mini-storage and commercial-office facility on Richard Arrington Boulevard.

According to the CEO, David Benson, the city previously approved the companies site plans but denied their building permit.

Benson and several others appeared before city council Tuesday to appeal the decision to deny their building permit.

Benson claims the company had already invested $2.6 million into the property.

Morningstar purchased the lot in September 2018, according to a representative.

“Over the course of the nine months we’ve been working with the city, leading up to march, no one had ever said there was an issue with a self-storage facility being put on that property at that time,” said Trey Oliver with Morningstar Storage.

The City Council delayed its vote on the appeal for six weeks.

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