Dozens baptized during revival at East Alabama jail

Etowah County Jail inmates baptized

ETOWAH COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - A group of Etowah County Jail inmates, possibly the largest ever, in the jail’s 25 year history, got baptized Monday following a jailhouse revival.

Some 40 inmates were baptized inside the Etowah County Detention Center. There were 27 in the female unit, and there were at least 13 in the men’s unit.

The inmates said they recognized their dedications, in some cases re-dedications of faith, to be pivotal points in their lives.

"Well I was real young when I accepted Christ into my life, so I just wanted to know, you know, for sure," said Kacey Dolan, just minutes after her baptism.

"Well, since I came back into Etowah County Jail, I've given my life back to the Lord, and so I felt like that by being baptized, would show a perfection of my faith," said Stacey Shadrick.

The jail's new chaplain, Todd Walker, tells us there was a revival in the jail over the weekend, which in part led to the high number of baptisms.

That revival was put on by Fly-Right Ministries, a group that comes to the detention center once per year.

“I just started as chaplain, and this is so exciting, to see these ladies get so excited about the Lord,” Walker told us while the baptisms were going on in the women’s unit. Unit 5 and Unit 6 each had a portable baptismal tub.

Walker and Rev. Bruce Word of Freedom Church in Gadsden, took turns administering the baptisms.

Walker says some 136 people were saved overall.

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