Auburn QB Bo Nix supports dad in Pinson Valley’s season opener

Bo Nix Pinson Valley game

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Auburn quarterback Bo Nix was at the WBRC Sideline Game of the Week Friday night to support his dad and little brother. The former Pinson Valley quarterback said it was weird not being in uniform with his former team. Pinson Valley head coach Patrick Nix opened up about what it means to have his son back on the field next to him, but in a different way.

"It's weird, but neat. It feels naked not having him out there because obviously for a lot of years he's been taking snaps, but it's been fun to have the next one come along and he'll get snaps tonight. It'll be his time to have his turn so it is neat. This is why I love doing what I do," said Patrick Nix.

Bo’s little brother, Caleb Nix, also plays quarterback and will rotate with senior quarterback Barry White.

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