Meadow View Elementary School wins $1,000 in school supplies

Meadow View Elementary wins school supplies

ALABASTER, Ala. (WBRC) -Teachers at Meadow View Elementary School showed up to school Thursday morning to a big surprise; $1000 worth of donated school supplies.

It started with a social media campaign that paid off big time.

The donation was made by Realty South and Thompson Tractor. Schools across the state were eligible to receive the donated supplies but by the end of the competition this particular Alabaster elementary school had won by a landslide.

Michelle Breakfield is the principal of meadow view elementary school and she says all on this supplies will go a long way.

“Teachers are always willing to go above and beyond and give their students what they need, but this is a supplement to that and helps them offset the costs that they would normally spend,” she explains.

All of the supplies were hand selected by the teachers according to the greatest needs in their classroom or what they use the most and have to replace halfway through the year.

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