A sculpture to commemorate the arts unveiled in downtown Gadsden

A sculpture to commemorate the arts unveiled in downtown Gadsden

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Downtown Gadsden has a new landmark. It’s a series of three bronze sculptures called “After Classes,” located at the intersection of Broad Street and Fifth Street.

The sculpture shows a violinist, a ballerina, and a boy with a sketch pad drawing a picture. It was designed to showcase the arts classes that go on inside the Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts, where the sculptures are located. It was unveiled Saturday evening.

The artist, Casey Downing Jr., says the piece tells a story. He says the sculpture depicts three children are waiting to be picked up after a day of classes.

“The violinist starts to play, and the ballerina starts to dance to the music she plays. Then the boy starts to draw a sketch of the ballerina,” said Downing.

Downing is based in Mobile and used children from that area as his models.

He says the violinist was recommended by the Mobile Symphony Orchestra, and the ballerina was recommended by a local ballet company. He says the sketch artist is his own grand-nephew who really does like to draw.

The sculpture was cast at Fairhope Foundry, making the work an all-Alabama project.

The sculpture is a gift from well known area arts supporters Dr.and Mrs. Elias Ghafary.

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