Shelby County organization makes big impact to workforce

Workforce signing day

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Shelby County organization 58 Inc. is helping companies all over the region meet their biggest needs by adding more skilled workers to the workforce.

Several of those employees started that journey Thursday at The Manufacturing Apprenticeship Signing Day.

Through several partnerships, the folks entering the program will be trained to become welders, machinists, and industrial maintenance technicians.

These individuals ranged in age to right out of high school, to some people seeking a second career, and even people who recently finished serving in the military, but all are getting to go to school for free.

Melody Whitten is the Director of Development for 58 Inc. and she said this program has huge impacts for both the employee and employer.

“To be in those positions gives them a chance to go to school and work simultaneously so they’re getting instruction and application at the same time and they have a competitive wage and they’re getting an education at no cost and getting a career path for life,” she explains.

If you are a company in need of these employees and want to join the program or someone who wants to go through the program, you can find out how by clicking this link.

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