Juvenile charged with making terrorist threat after lockout at two Tuscaloosa County schools

New information on emergency lock-out at TCS

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Things appeared normal at Tuscaloosa County High School and Northport Elementary School after both schools went on lockout mode for several hours Tuesday in response to an off-campus threat.

Chief Byron Waid of the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff'' Office confirmed a juvenile was charged with making a terrorist threat against County High School, but not against any specific people.

Concerned residents say keeping kids safe should be the first priority. “They should take it very seriously certainly. everyone’s safety is certainly a concern,” Michael Wesson said.

The two schools are next to each other so both were placed on lockout until the situation was safe. “The main thing is that the building is secured so that no one comes in, no one comes out to keep that threat that has been determined or potential threat outside the building,” Tuscaloosa County School spokeswoman Terri Brewer continued.

Waid said the juvenile was off campus when the threat was made. A student who became aware of it told school personnel. They reached out to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies who investigated the threat. That person is now in custody, according to Waid.

Authorities are not releasing the child’s name because of their age and would not say if they are a Tuscaloosa County School student.

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